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Hey Sis!

The Copper Alchemy is a holistic wellness framework for the high-performing & deeply critical person to alchemize their trauma, embrace personal accountability, and achieve BIG goals



Jess Jackson is the quintessential big sis. She’s human, she’s raw, she’s real.


After a decade of living in shame and fear about the way her brain processes the world, Jess accepted the diagnosis of clinical depression. Since then she's spent the last 10 years learning and practicing over 50 mental health/wellness strategies to find and preserve balance and to thrive!

Jess is an author, award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker, and trainer, and holds two master's degrees.


Jess embodies the high-performing sis. She is innovative, ambitious, accomplished, and clinically depressed. 


The wellness strategies presented in the Copper Alchemy have helped Jess:

  • Alchemize the trauma of job loss and transform her professional life allowing her to triple her income.

  • Embrace controversial aspects of her identity to feel whole and secure in self  leading to healthy and fulfilling relationships.

  • Establish clear goals and mindful habits that have enabled her to lose over 100 pounds.

Become an Alchemist

Feeling burdened by self-doubt & shame? Looking to get a grip on your own wellness and mental health? 

"This book has endless possibilities. Research. Affirmation. Journal prompts. Self-evaluation. So much practicality. You took your time to make this intentional and it shows."

Jenn, Detroit 

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The Copper Alchemy YouTube channel is a curated platfrom for trauma-informed, holistic wellness, and lifestlye content to help you see you. 


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