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Copper House Policies

Copper House Detroit (CH), is a neighborhood-based safe space for elevating community. As a Black & queer-owned “Bud” & Breakfast," we center community in our experience design and we offer a curated home environment with lodging and multipurpose event space for adults. 

CH is a lived-in venue and offers continental breakfast service, on-street parking, and other amenities for our booking buds.

Data & Privacy Policy

We’re innkeepers. We’ve always safeguarded the privacy of guests who stay at Copper House Detroit (CH),  And if you are a visitor to this website, we care about your privacy, too.

Data & Privacy Policy

This privacy policy discloses’s practices about collecting, using and retaining information about people who visit the site, who request information or communication via the site, or who make a purchase on this site.


If you visit

  • We collect and store for a period of 50 months or less the Internet Protocol, or IP, address of the device you use. Why? Because this site uses Google Analytics to tell us — only in aggregate form — information such as: the geographic location of devices; what times of day and of the week people are visiting the site; what pages are first visited; what pages people spend the most time on; how many users are first-time as opposed to returning visitors; which external sites referred traffic to our site, and what kinds of devices people are using.

  • Information attached to IP addresses is not linked to personally identifiable information. It exist only in aggregate form. So, how might the data be used?

    • If we know what type of content, people prefer — based on the amount of time they spend — we can provide more of it.

    • When we know that more people favor certain types of devices or browsers, we make sure the site design and performance are optimized for those devices and browsers.

    • If we learn, for example, that we don’t have much traffic in the wee hours of a Tuesday morning, that’s a good time to perform maintenance.

    • If this year’s site’s traffic between Thanksgiving and Christmas seems lower or higher than prior years, we don’t have to guess. We can compare any two periods of time, up to four years and two months.

    • If we know that traffic to our site that comes from Twitter is increasing while traffic from Facebook is decreasing, we can adjust our social media efforts.


The above are examples of the types of information collected and stored by CH when someone visits this website. For us, it’s all about knowing trends in use of the site so that we can improve the Copper House Experience. 


This information is available electronically only to CH administrators. Periodic trend reports are prepared for the board of directors or members as pdfs or using a program such as PowerPoint. CH never publishes these reports. However, we may occasionally share broad information about trends with our innkeeping partners.


If you email us or sign up for email, for programs or for our newsletter or buy a gift certificate…

… and in the process identify yourself, provide contact information, and/or disclose other personally identifiable information about yourself or other persons, we will store and act upon your information in the manner most appropriate to the situation. Examples:

  • We will contact you if we need more information.

  • If to respond to you we need to share information with, or gather information from,  one or more third parties, we will do so. An example: If you inquire about a chef during your stay, we may share our reply with a chef. If you inquire about joining CH, your email may be directed to the appropriate person.

  • If you are signing up for a future event, we may store your information in physical or online folders about that event.

  • If you buy a gift certificate and pay through PayPal, PayPal collects your payment information. See PayPal’s privacy policy. We cannot or would not access PayPal’s information about you. CH retains the amount of the gift certificate, purchase date, purchaser contact information, recipient information if provided, and expiration date.

  • If you sign up for our newsletter, or ask our administrator to add you to a mailing list, your name and email address will go to our email marketing provider, currently wix. See Wix’s privacy policy. CH uses this provider because we believe it handles the identifying information of others the way that we would want our personal identifying information to be handled. We do not keep a paper copy of the email list, nor is it stored on our computers.


We will not add you to a mailing list — ours or anyone else’s — without your express consent.

We will disclose your identifying information to an appropriate third party only if, in good faith, we believe it is required because of an urgent or compelling situation, or a matter of law of legal process, or the need to protect the rights and property of CH or of others.

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